Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Nivea In-Shower Moisturiser and Suti Rejuvenate Face Oil

A friend of mine insists she moisturises her entire body every day. Clearly her bedroom is a lot warmer than mine and/or her shower doesn't make a sound similar to an elastic band flicking when it is about to initiate a minute-long cold water torture session. During winter, my shivering limbs are much more likely to see an application of sheepskin slippers and cashmere joggers than body lotion. Here are a couple of products to soothe weather-chapped skin with minimum effort and no apr├Ęs-shower naked time necessary.

Lazy-person lifesaver! You apply this cream after your soap or shower gel and then rinse off. It takes seconds and leaves a nourishing film of almond oil that means you can forgo that chilly moisturiser application. Cheap as chips too.

Suti Rejuvenate Organic Face Oil*
Citrus-smelling heavenly syrup to nourish and rejuvenate dehydrated winter skin and sooth away post-blemish marks and scars. Apply alone in the evening or under moisturiser in the morning.

*Product supplied for review.


  1. i use this moisturiser !!!
    maybe you want to follow each other?
    let me know :)

  2. Oh my god that in-shower body moisturiser is genius. I live in Sydney and am sooo lazy about moisturising after incidental sun exposure, I hope they sell it here! x

    1. Hope you can get your hands on some - it's great for lazy days.

  3. This is best post EVER!!!! Thank you for this!!!


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