Monday, 3 March 2014

Giant Cushions for Luxe Bedroom Appeal

I'd had my eye on these giant White Company cushions for ages and finally bit the bullet during the January sale. £50 for two cushion covers and two feather inners isn't bad. They are muted grey/taupe cotton velvet on one side, with linen on the back. I bought them to add a bit of luxury and texture to our bedroom. Have you ever noticed how many different layers of linen and quilts and cushions are used to create the abundant, cosy feel in stylised bedroom images? I'm working on it! The latest versions are a slightly different colour but just as pretty. You can find them here. Mine are the 65x65 cm size. Anyone else addicted to The White Company? Make sure you sign up for their emails: hello discount codes!


  1. your bed looks quite confortable! just added a few pillows to mine to make it mor cozy! xx

  2. The covers that accompany the previously mentioned set component beautiful spring green specifying, influencing them to ideal for any room.Sheer curtains


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