Thursday, 24 April 2014

Fashion: The Cobalt Blues

Thus far in 2014 I've bought only four items of clothing/pairs of shoes. Maybe this sounds like plenty to you, or perhaps it sounds like shopping starvation. For me, it feels like the latter but I've had to be frugal.

Cobalt blue is my favourite colour at the moment. I couldn't resist buying these sandals and pencil skirt and intend to wear them together with a white or grey t-shirt this summer. A flash of red would look good with this shade too. Shorter length pencil skirts (on or above the knee) work well for lots of occasions, especially dressed down with a t-shirt. The skirt is sold out online but there were lots in my local store when I bought this. Strangely, all size 10. What's your favourite colour for summer?


  1. Those shoes are SO pretty, love them! ♥

    1. And a bargain too! Hope you can track down a pair if you want some.

  2. super cute blue check print skirt and sandal heels! blue is super hot this season!

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    AL xx


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