Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Guest Post on Pai Skincare

If you're debating the purchase of a new cleanser or just frustrated with your fussy skin, head over to the Pai skincare blog to read my guest post. I packed away my shelf of products to road-test their acclaimed Camelia & Rose Hydrating Cleanser* exclusively for a week. 

Pai have a great offer on at the moment too. If you buy their 100ml cleanser before Friday 25th April, they'll upgrade you to the 200ml size for free! 
*Product supplied for review. 


  1. I saw your comments on the Pai website about a nano second before I ordered this and took advantage of the upgrade to the 200mls. I love this cleanser but tend to forget about it in the recent boom of cleansers of all types, such richness! It is good to remember the ones that work gently and without bells and whistles. Thanks La x

  2. Hi Jan, you are so right - it is a real gem! So calming and gentle. I'm glad you've benefited from the offer too. Thank you for your lovely comment. As always, it made me smile. xx

  3. You're truly well informed and very intelligent. You wrote something that people could understand and made the subject intriguing for everyone. I'm saving this for future use.

  4. Another great premium organic skin care brand is Truly natural beauty and the ingredients are all sustainably and ethically sourced.


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