Thursday, 6 November 2014

7 Product Winter Beauty Kit

The sudden switch to cold weather means it's time to rethink your beauty regime: say hello to hydrating products, autumnal scents and a few fun seasonal additions. Here are some of my current favourites.

I've been using this for years (it used to be called Omega 3 Night Repair Serum and cost £11 more for 20ml more product...) and find that whatever my skincare concern, be it spots or dryness, this always improves it by morning. Some complain about the smell but I love it (and I'm fussy). A winter must-have. 

Hugely expensive, hugely luxe. Silver hydrosol makes this skin-saver antibacterial and calming. I find its light texture works perfectly over face oils to provide an extra layer of moisture. Smells divine (and all natural: citrus, rosewood, geranium, sandalwood and patchouli). Pricey but multi-purpose and can even be used around eyes. 

Another old favourite and still my number one cleanser. Makes every face wash into a mini facial. I am trying to get to grips with facial massage and I like to use this in the evenings to take off my makeup and give my skin a good going over. A pot lasts forever so the cost is only slightly upsetting. 

Oh how I wish I could do a trolly dash in this store. I love to buy Jo Malone gifts for others and was lucky enough to receive this myself on my 30th birthday. Perfect for this time of year, it's fruity, spicy, sophisticated and a bit unusual. 

I think I've only been brave enough to wear this once or twice but the colour is fabulous. Nothing looks better than a red lip at Christmas and this dark, matte shade works well on those with yellow or neutral-toned skin. You'll need to apply a few layers and blot in between for maximum staying power. 

This lotion doesn't actually feel oily but gets its smell from almond oil and sinks into skin quickly. I like the pump dispenser and the fact it contains colloidal oatmeal, which is both calming and nourishing.

I got this free when I bought two other Rimmel products but to my amazement I really rate it. The brush allows very precise application and separates lashes easily. The effect is natural but buildable. Probably my favourite drugstore mascara in recent years and it costs £8. 

*Sample provided for review. 


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